SAFCO Engineering

Our History

January 2001:
Saf.Co Safety Company S.r.l was founded as a specialist manufacturer of Pressurization Safety Systems.

May 2003:
Saf.Co Fire & Gas was founded to supply Fire & Gas equipment to the industrial Systems Integration market.

February 2004:
Due to the customer demand and our developed expertise, our business became more focused on system integration.

December 2006: One Company 
As a result of the growth and synergy between Saf.Co Safety and Saf.Co Fire & Gas, together with the commonality of the engineering skills, the workflows, the engineering practices and the production facilities, the benefits of combining the two entities became obvious to Saf.Co Management and one single stronger entity was formed as SAFCO Engineering. 
Through best practice we have sustained our rapid growth and have invested in our business capability by recruiting, industry best, experienced engineers who fully understand this critical area of safety supply.

September 2012:
Due to a big project awarded in Slovakia, SAFCO Engineering decided to set up new offices in the Mochovce Power Plant with both SAFCO permanent personnell and local workers.

September 2013:
Due to the increase of contracts awarded in UAE, SAFCO Engineering decided to open a branch in Abu Dhabi in order to better answer to the local customer’s requirements. 

SafCo EngineeringSafCo EngineeringSafCo Engineering

Our core business

Our core business focus is on Fire & Gas Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Analyzer Systems, Pressurized Cabinets and Air Conditioning Units.

We are, however, able to offer an innovative range of related products and system solutions as follows:

. PLC based F&G Systems
. Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
. Networked Systems
. Mimic panels
. Supervisory Stations
. Flame Detectors
. Combustible and Toxic Gas Detectors
. Smoke and heat detectors
. Field visual and audible alerting devices
. Detectors Mapping
. Clean Agent  & Inert Gas based Fire  
. Fire Fighting Systems


SafCo EngineeringSafCo EngineeringSafCo EngineeringSafCo EngineeringSafCo EngineeringSafCo EngineeringSafCo EngineeringSafCo Engineering

Mission Statement

Utilizing our highly skilled and creative engineering workforce, we shall serve our valued customers with compliant, technically excellent and commercially attractive system solutions that meet or  exceed our client’s long term requirements.